About Judy Harrow

I have 15 years experience in Real Estate. I love the industry, crazy hours and the amazing people that you meet. After working for large companies I realized that I wanted to look after a small group of people myself. I felt that it was time to dedicate myself to a job that I love and do it the way I feel would be a benefit for not only the landlords but also the tenants.

I have a Business Development background which means that I know what your home is worth per week and how it should be marketed. Being a landlord myself, I understand the fears, the mortgage payments and the unknown. Using a professional like myself who understands this industry allows you peace of mind.

Below please find some of the latest employment positions I have held.

REISA Property Management Committee - Chairperson 2010 / 2011
Currently a member of the Property Management Committee for REISA and this will be ongoing as it is important to know what the new rules and changes are to our industry.

Brock Harcourts - State Operations Manager - Property Management
This position involved looking after all SA offices who had Property Management, ensuring that they abided with legislation, audits of their rent rolls and ensuring that they followed the ethics set by Brock Harcourts.